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Your family’s smile is its greatest asset. Not only is smiling a symbol of happiness, but the mere act exudes confidence, relieves stress, and makes everyone more approachable – because after all, smiling is contagious!

A perfect smile is also a sign of overall health, which means your family’s dental needs is our primary concern.

A healthy mouth means healthy organs!

Leena Alexander

Leena Alexander, D.D.S.

Dr. Alexander would never be so bold as to come right out and say she has created the perfect dentist office for families in Corinth, the rest of the Lake Cities area, and beyond. She’s way too humble for that. But if you ask Dr. Alexander’s growing list of loyal patients, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t say it for her.



Let us correct bite problems and give you the smile you deserve.



Regular dental visits are essential to make sure oral health problems are detected and treated in a timely manner.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Think of cosmetic dentistry as a smile makeover!


This is what she had to say!

What you said about us!


  • Starshine Dentistry is a great dental office that I have referred all of my close family and friends to. The practice is family owned and the staff goes above and beyond to provide the best personalized care for you!

    Miranda Erin Avatar
    Miranda Erin

    Everyone was exceptionally nice and made me feel very comfortable! I would highly recommend this office to anyone searching for a dentist. Thank you all again!

    Terri O'Neill Avatar
    Terri O'Neill

    Thank you so much Leena Alexander! You and your staff made me feel like I was at a Dental Spa today. The care and knowledge I received was amazing. 🙂

    Elizabeth Fluhrer Avatar
    Elizabeth Fluhrer
  • If you're looking for a fabulous dentist you've found them. From kids to adults the entire staff is super friendly and professional. We can't imagine going anywhere else.

    Alyssa Callaway Avatar
    Alyssa Callaway

    I think that Starshine Dentistry Denton and Corinth are two amazing offices worth a try!! They are staffed with awesome down to earth professional members, dedicated to their job and most important take it to heart, you feel at home when you go there. Very dependable and always ready to please, the Dentist are sensible and thorough.

    Aldonza Paola Rivas Avatar
    Aldonza Paola Rivas

    I always feel very comfortable at Dr. Alexander’s office, they make me feel welcome. Their customer service is great and very professional. I really recommend them 100%. Ashley, Heather, Sarah and Doctor Alexander are awesome, thank you for everything! I will see you soon for the root canal!! I give you 10�

    Mich Var Avatar
    Mich Var
  • Great place for dental work; fast, friendly, fair price, and gentle

    Ralph Barnes Avatar
    Ralph Barnes

    Dr. Keiser and Tina did an excellent job on my crown. It fits perfectly, is not bulky at all, and looks like my original tooth. Best of all, it was done in one visit, so I left with my permanent crown, which was made right there in the office during my appointment. There was no need to wear a temporary crown and return at a later date to get a permanent one!

    Tracy Fanous Avatar
    Tracy Fanous

    This dentist is FANTASTIC! Dr. Alexander and the entire staff at Starshine are wonderful. Everyone there is extremely patient and Dr. Alexander is one of the most knowledgeable Dentist I've met. She's honest with her diagnosis and thorough in her explanation of the issues. The office is clean, well organized and adequate for any work you'll need done. I would highly recommend Starshine for any of your dentistry needs.

    Shawn Brewer Avatar
    Shawn Brewer
  • Love this dentist. I hate going to the dentist but the entire staff is welcoming and comforting.

    Becky Evans Avatar
    Becky Evans

    The staff here are wonderful. Will recommend to everyone.

    Lisa Parker Avatar
    Lisa Parker

    My 16 yr old just had his wisdom teeth removed and it was a success! He’s loopy, but very pleased he didn’t feel a thing! Still under the influence of his meds, he happily used expletives to share how easy it was. Oh my! It was nice to know my son was in good hands! Everyone here is helpful, professional and informative in a non- stressful environment. Thank you, Starshine Dentistry!

    Lisa Littlejohn West Avatar
    Lisa Littlejohn West
  • I am currently in the chair at Starshine and lemme tell you. These women are amazing. I couldn’t wait to get home to review them. I am on my second set of fillings and my 4 year old had a few done a few weeks ago and SLEPT thru it! We had to wake her to go home. They are gentle, sweet, caring and wonderful at what they do. I will forever be a patient here. Love em! ���

    Erica McDonald Avatar
    Erica McDonald

    Thank you so much Leena Alexander! You and your staff made me feel like I was at a Dental Spa today. The care and knowledge I received was amazing. ?

    Elizabeth Fluhrer Avatar
    Elizabeth Fluhrer

    Hands down the nicest Dentist I've had the pleasure of meeting and networking with. Do yourself a favor and come visit StarShine. You'll be happy you did! Very good people here. God Bless

    Dalles Wielenga Avatar
    Dalles Wielenga
  • I would like to thank Doctor Alexander, she always has the best interest for her patients care, and provides outstanding dental care. I have quite a bit of work to be done, and I look forward to seeing her again. I highly recommend her.

    Alan K. Avatar
    Alan K.

    The team at Starshine Dentistry is amazing. I have done deep cleaning, cavity and tooth extraction at Starshine Dentistry. All the procedures went smooth and I am very happy. Starting from the two nice ladies at the reception all the way to Dr. Alexander, the staff here are very professional and caring. Dr. Alexander and her assistants will take extra time to explain every step of a procedure and they are super nice and caring when performing each procedure. I highly recommend Starshine Dentistry.

    Habtom G Avatar
    Habtom G

    Just love Dr Leena and staff. So friendly and awesome!!

    Karla Kirksey Avatar
    Karla Kirksey
  • Starshine dentistry is the most wonderful practice I ever been..I recommended to anyone who is looking for a dentist Dr keiser and Dr Kulkarni are very nice and gentle; took my 8 year old there for txt and she loved it ..

    Claudia Garcia Avatar
    Claudia Garcia

    Starshine Dentistry exceeded all of my expectations! This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. Everyone was so friendly and went out of their way to make our family feel comfortable. All of our questions were answered and we felt very well cared for. Starshine Dentistry goes above and beyond when it comes to their attention to detail and their patients. We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful Dentist!

    Katie Carpenter Avatar
    Katie Carpenter

    Gentle, yet efficient care. These wonderful ladies go above and beyond to make your visit as convenient and painless as possible. Only trust the best!

    Tina Ross Avatar
    Tina Ross
  • Fantastic staff and Doctor Leena is the best!

    Dave Reese Avatar
    Dave Reese

    Dr Leena Alexander adds a skilled gentle touch at this awesome practise..

    Gavin A. Fleten Avatar
    Gavin A. Fleten

    Dr. Leena Alexander, Sara, and the entire staff at Starshine dentistry were friendly, professional, and wonderful to be around. The warm environment helped me to relax and to let go of my "white coat syndrome" anxiety. They're very conveniently located and accommodated my work schedule wonderfully. I will definitely be going back.

    Michael White Avatar
    Michael White
  • This is the best Dental office that I have ever been to. They have state of the art equipment and a very comfortable environment. They staff is friendly and will include you in developing a treatment plan that meets your financial limitations. They have an insurance plan available that I highly recommend. Dr. Alexander is gentle and spends as much time with you that is necessary. She is always mindful of your comfort level and takes extra measures to make sure you experience zero pain.

    terri cantwell Avatar
    terri cantwell

    They are the greatest and make you feel very special! I am so glad I found them! Everyone should cpme see Dr.Alexander!

    Dorothy Neda Gower-Saylor Avatar
    Dorothy Neda Gower-Saylor

    Wonderful office with staff that make each patient's needs a priority. I'm always greeted by awesome friendly front desk staff and both Dr. Keiser and Dr. Kulkarni ensure treatment is thorough and meets the needs of each individual. So happy I found this family dental office!

    Anna Bird Frias Avatar
    Anna Bird Frias
  • This is the best place to go. They have an awesome staff and they take care of you. I would recommend anyone to come see them. My whole family goes here now.

    Pam Northam Avatar
    Pam Northam

    Starshine Dentistry is a great place to go too, is a place that I can trust taking my son too and he loves Dr.Kieser and Dr.Kulkarni like no other and the staff as well.

    Abigail Chavez Avatar
    Abigail Chavez

    Very pleased with our visit! Worked well with my young children! Definitely a keeper!!

    Alexis Dennis Avatar
    Alexis Dennis
  • Dr. Alexander and her staff are amazing! They are friendly, professional and accommodating to busy schedules! I would definitely recommend Starshine Dentistry for all your dental needs!

    Sheba John Avatar
    Sheba John

    The staff and dentist are amazing. I feel like family. Great job on my teeth always. Prices are much better than anyone I've been.

    Lynn Moon Avatar
    Lynn Moon

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