Anxiety Relief

Dr. Leena Alexander’s goal is to provide gracious, comprehensive dental care with a gentle touch. But even with that commitment to helping patients of all ages feel relaxed and stress-free, some still struggle with intense anxiety – also known as dental phobia – at the mere thought of their next appointment. Dental phobia is a real issue for many patients, and it can lead to people avoiding dental care altogether. Once they do come in for a visit, they believe there isn’t much that can settle their nerves.

Rather than ignore a patient’s fears and proceed with something as simple as a routine cleaning, Starshine Dentistry takes the time to listen and then identify and address a patient’s anxiety or fears at the earliest possible opportunity. Starshine Dentistry is unique in that we offer a variety of helpful anxiety-relieving options that other practices don’t.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative that mixes with oxygen to reduce anxiety.


Oral sedation

Oral sedation doesn’t put someone to sleep, but if taken by mouth before the appointment begins, it will help reduce anxiety and settle nerves in patients of all ages.


IV sedation

Intravenous sedation is safely delivered by needle and is great for patients who choose to sleep through a procedure, especially those that are longer and more complex. Starshine Dentistry uses the services of a certified dental anesthesiologist.


Holistic options

If a patient is interested in alternative options to help alleviate anxiety, Starshine Dentistry also offers dōTERRA Essential Oils that can be diffused into the air as a natural way of calming nerves. We also offer CBD oils as both an anxiety and inflammation deterrent. Patients are asked to take the oil the day before their appointment, the day of, and the day after for maximum benefit.


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