Laser Dentistry

Fotona Laser: Leading the dental laser industry

The latest generation of dental lasers have revolutionized dentistry with treatments that are faster, more effective and more satisfying to patients and practitioners than ever before. With over 50 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona’s award-winning LightWalker dental laser systems are leading the dental industry forward to new levels of perfection with unrivaled precision, performance and ease of use.

Fotona was the first manufacturer to introduce two complementary laser wavelengths (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG) in a single system (Twinlight, 1994) and the first to develop a dental laser that outperforms a conventional rotary drill (Fidelis Plus II, 2004). The company’s revolutionary LightWalker AT system, introduced in 2011, is the world’s first scanner-ready dental laser as well as the first to utilize QSP (Quantum Square Pulse) technology for ultimate precision and performance. Today Fotona is recognized as a world leader in the innovation and development of new dental applications and technologies, working closely with top universities and dental research centers around the globe.

The Benefits of Fotona Dental Lasers Include:

  • A full range of hard- and soft-tissue treatments
  • Extremely precise hard-tissue cutting and ablation
  • Easy and effective endodontic treatments
  • Little or no bleeding surgical procedures, with simultaneous disinfection
  • Easy-to-select operating modes for greater simplicity
  • Greater patient satisfaction and less operator fatigue
  • Excellent training and support

When you choose Fotona, you choose a company committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest performance, best made laser systems in the world.

Dental lasers are some of the most innovative dental technology available, and our team at Starshine dentistry are proud to utilize them in our treatments. With dental lasers, we can treat cavities, bone, and gum disease by pinpointing and treating only the damaged areas, leaving the healthy teeth, bone, and tissue untouched. We are introducing the FOTONA LIGHTWALKER.

The Fotona Laser has revolutionized dentistry and our dental treatments! Laser dentistry can be used to treat cavities, ulcers, TMJ pain, and canker sores, and can even perform biopsies. Plus, there are many benefits to laser dentistry, including:

  • Virtually pain-free treatment eliminates the need for anesthesia or shots
  • Powerful light beams reduce or eliminate the need to use other tools, such as drills
  • More precise treatments that target only the damaged bone, tissue, or teeth and leave the healthy parts untouched
  • Faster healing time and can help rejuvenate healthy tissue
  • High-powered light beams work to sterilize the treated areas, reducing the risk of developing an infection after treatment
  • Minimal bleeding during treatments
  • Safe to use

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